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Page history last edited by Leonard Michaels 15 years, 5 months ago


Final Fantasy 4 Worldbook

Welcome to the Final Fantasy Four Worldbook. This space serves as a source of information and game rules helpful for any potential GM to run a full-fledged FFRPG campaign set within the world of FF4. Particular detail is given to the significant regions, kingdoms, and peoples of the War of the Crystals as presented within the game itself. These rules serve as a supplement to the Final Fantasy Roleplaying Game, found at http://www.returnergames.com.


The default setting for this worldbook is just prior to the onset of the War of the Crystals. Although it is strongly encouraged that anyone wishing to play in the FF4 setting first complete the Final Fantasy Four game, this is certainly not required. However, such an experience sets the tone and mood of this particular Final Fantasy world, and gives the potential player a much better feel for the atmosphere and ethos of this world than a simple reading of this worldbook could do.  In addition, some of the information presented here could potentially spoil the storyline of the game itself.


Anyone with questions or comments, please PM GenLeon on the message boards found at http://www.returnergames.com/boards/index.php.  The discussion forum for this WorldBook can be found at http://www.returnergames.com/boards/viewtopic.php?t=1070.


Introduction Concerning Translation, Source Material, and Geography

Setting Notes Notes on Magic, Technology, Travel & Commerce, and Religion

History A Brief History of the Earth

The World The Kingdoms of the Earth

Resources Races and Nationalities, Special Abilities, New Spells

Legacy of the Lunarians Campaign Information Information from now Complete Campaign.

Editor's Notes


10/08/06 - Work finally resumed on re-wiki-izing files from previous iteration.

10/18/06 - World section finally re-wiki-ized. Still need to add an overview to it, however.

12/27/06 - Added section for campaign information and began transfering new rules into the Player Resources section.

12/28/06 - Completed beta of Races and Nationalities ruleset.

12/29/06 - Completed beta of Campaign Information

01/04/07 - Campaign Information now available.

06/05/07 - Minor changes to Special Abilities for clarity and rebalancing.

06/09/07 - Even more changes to Special Abilities.

06/14/07 - Addition of GM and Player Expectations page.

11/08/08 - Upgraded to pbwiki 2.0, changed FrontPage, WB now considered complete.

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