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The World

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The Kingdoms of the Earth


The Kingdom of Baron

1. The City of Baron

2. The Misty Valley

3. The Village of Mist


The Kingdom of Damcyan

1. Castle Damcyan

2. The Kaipo Oasis

3. The Great Desert

4. The Watery Pass

5. Antlion's Lair


The City-State of Fabul

1. The City of Fabul

2. Mount Hobbs


The City-State of Mysidia

1. The City of Mysidia

2. Mount Ordeals


The Theocracy of Toroia

1. The City of Toroia

2. The Green Forest

3. Cave Magnes

4. Tower of Zot


The Kingdom of Eblana

1. The Town of Eblan

2. The Tower of Babil


The Islands

1. Agart

2. Silvara


The Dwarven Underworld

1. The Castle of the Dwarves

2. The City of Tomra

3. The Tower of Babil

4. The Land of the Summoned Monsters

5. The Sylph Cave

6. The Sealed Cave

7. The Smithy


The Lunar Moon

1. The Crystal Palace

2. The Lunar Subterranean

3. The Core

4. Bahamut's Lair




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